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The research group

The research group of the CoDiSV project is composed of professors and researchers of the University of the Aosta Valley, who operate in various fields but have complementary research perspectives.

Fabrizio Bertolino

General Pedagogy

Fabrizio Bertolino is a researcher in General and Social Pedagogy at the University of the Aosta Valley, where he is responsible for the training of future teachers and educators. He is a founding member of the Research Group in Didactics of Natural Sciences of the University of Turin and of the university centre IRIS - Interdisciplinary Research Institute on non-sustainability. He lists, among his interests in the scientific area, education relating to the environment and to sustainability in non-formal contexts (educational farms, natural parks, regional agencies for the environment...) and the relationship between children's development, the environment and their experiences of life. Within the CoDiSV project he manages to combine his passion for collecting antiques with research on the evolution of scientific contents and the various teaching methods in schools in the past.


Elena Cattelino

Psychology of Development and Education

Elena Cattelino is a professor in the scientific M-PSI/04 sector (Psychology of Development and Education) in the Faculty of Sciences of Education in the University of the Aosta Valley.


Gianni Nuti

Didactics and Special Pedagogy

Gianni Nuti is a researcher in Didactics and Special Pedagogy at the University of the Aosta Valley. He is also Director of Social Policies in the Ministry for Public Healthcare, Health and Social Security of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley.


Maurizio Piseri

History of Pedagogy

Maurizio Pisieri is a researcher in the History of Pedagogy in the Faculty of Sciences of Education at the University of the Aosta Valley.


Annamaria Pioletti


Annamaria Pioletti is a professor in Political and Economical Geography at the Faculty of Sciences of Education where she teaches Geography of the Environment and General Geography. She has been commissioned by the rector for the Plan of Strategic Development of the City of Aosta and is the contact person for the Faculty of Sciences of Education for Orientation and Relations with the regional school superintendence.


Luisa Revelli

Italian Linguistics

Luisa Revelli

Luisa Revelli is a researcher in Italian Linguistics (SSD L-FIL-LET/12) in the Department of Educational Sciences in the University of the Aosta Valley where she teaches Italian linguistics and didactics of the Italian language. Within the CoDiSV project she is in charge of the scientific area and she proposes to outline role, status and characteristics of the Italian language in the Aosta Valley, through the analysis of the variety of Italian used by children and teachers during a period of over a century and a half of school. The perspectives of research for which she is responsible are aimed at the comparison between the Italian used in the written production of children and the model of school Italian proposed by teachers, the analysis of language errors and the consequent correction and evaluation, the diachronic examination of techniques used in the teaching of Italian in relation to the diagloctic reality, referred to the local dialects spoken and in a bilingual context to French. The diachronic analysis of the phenomenology of written exercises (compositions with a given title or an outline and letters to imaginary addressees, rewritings, etc.) belongs to the specifically glottodidactic area.



Massimo Zanetti

General Sociology

Massimo Zanetti is a researcher in General Sociology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of the Aosta Valley.