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Infant writing

Schoolchildrens writing for the history of languages and use in linguistics.

LRevelli, Diacronia dell'italiano scolastico, Roma, Aracne, 2013

The research project on Schoolchildren's writing in the Aosta Valley began in 2003 in the Department of Educational Sciences in the University of the Aosta Valley with the aim of collecting testimonials of infant children's writing in the Italian and French languages from the unity of Italy to date. The objective of having "infant" sources - useful in the diachronic reconstruction of a glottodidactic and linguistic map of the varieties taught, learned, used or proposed in a century and a half in schools in the Aosta Valley - was undertaken via the collection of exercise books, testimonials of the linguistic models suggested by teachers and of the changes which took place in teaching in relation to the subsequent changes in political regulations and didactic "modes", but also, thanks to the detailed daily practices of writing on the progress during the stages of acquisition, of each single learner used to speaking in dialect, but having to come to terms with the study of the two "noble" languages of their repertoire. Therefore, although different in respect to the expectations of the teachers, the above mentioned sources give indications on the customs and linguistic behaviour of the community over time. Considered poor sources and "minor" under many points of view, infant writing found in school exercise books, contributes not only to research into the history of school, didactics and society but also and above all, in the multilingual context present in the Aosta Valley, into the historical-linguistic, socio-linguistic and dialectal fields of study.